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Welcome to Graffitimash - a place where Artists come to share their most passionate sprays and Fans come to find their next favourite artists. 

Community is what drives Graffitimash, so have a look around. You never know who you'll meet; whether it's a new partner to collaborate a spray with or a new friend that shares your taste in graff, you'll find them all right here.



Graffitimash was created in 2016 as a humble Instagram page with zero followers. It was simply a passion project, started out of interest to just share the graff pieces I thought were nice.

By 2018, the page had over 160,000 followers. All of whom enjoyed graff the same way I did. 

With the amount of people supporting the page, I slowly realised that, being one of the biggest graff/street art pages on Instagram, I now had a responsibility to grow and nurture the graff community. That is why this website has been made: to connect the people who love graff with the people who create graff altogether. It is simply a way to give back to the community for their support.

So that's what Graffitimash is: a community driven place for fans, both old and new, to come together and share their passion and excitement. We want to create a comfortable and considerate environment where artists old and new alike are free to share their art and for fans to help them grow and get better.


The latest from the Graffitimash team

Eyes Graffiti


June 19th 2019

Long time fans will have realised that the page has been quiet since July 2018. This is because 1) the page had been active for two years straight 2) From April through June 2018, there were a few problems encountered with IG (people with weird agendas were reporting our posts) resulting in our posts were being hidden from our own followers. Since community is what drives Graffitimash, it felt like it was the right time to take a break.

To the fans who are still here, thank you so much for your support through the break; you are more appreciated than you know. 

Man Looking at Colorful Graffiti Wall


June 3rd 2019

We recently broke 170k followers on Instagram. Thank you so much to all one hundred and seventy thousand of you for building what was one of the biggest graff and street art accounts on IG. 

We could not have come this far without you and look forward to building a bigger, more vibrant graff community with all of you and more people to come.

Colorful Graffiti


June 19th 2019

This next year will be focused on building a more connected graff community.

For fans, we aim to curate more content for you to consume and provide more ways for you to connect with other fans and artists too

For artists, we aim to help get your work out to more people. I know how it feels like to pour your hard work into your art only for so few to see it. We will collaborate with many artists throughout the year to help them grow. For a select few, we will work closely with them to help them reach the level of representation they deserve.


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